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Unsuitable Recommendations Are Grounds For Recovery

Unsuitable recommendations of securities by a broker is the most common form of investment securities fraud misconduct. It is the duty of a broker to make investment recommendations to customers that are consistent with the customer’s risk tolerance, needs, and investment objectives. An investment may be unsuitable if a customer does not have the financial ability to incur the risk associated with a particular investment. The factors that determine unsuitable investments are the financial situation of the investor, risk tolerance, stated objectives, age, experience, liquidity needs, time horizon, and the existing holdings of the investor.

Stockbrokers have the duty to know their customers and to ensure that each recommended investment is suitable for that customer. If you lost money in an unsuitable investment the broker may be responsible.

Holding Your Broker Responsible For Making Unsuitable Investments

Heiner Law Offices has vast experience with cases involving unsuitable investments. Our firm has represented countless victims of unsuitable recommendations. After you contact us, we will discuss the facts that led to the recommendations. If we determine you were sold unsuitable investments and you suffered losses, after you hire us, we will aggressively pursue the firm or individual and hold them accountable.

Our law firm is extremely experienced and we have the skills to maximize your likelihood of recovery. We dedicate our entire practice to helping investors who are victims of investment misconduct. We will not rest until we have done everything we can do to see to it that you get back what you’ve lost.

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