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Structured Product Fraud

“Structured product” is a generic term used by brokers to describe an investment product that they claim has been structured to provide the safety and protection of a conservative bond investment or mutual fund while allowing the investor to enjoy the returns of stocks and derivatives. Principal-protected notes are one type of structured product.

Unfortunately there are two types of problems with structured product that lead investors to suffer tremendous financial losses:

  • The structured products or principal-protected notes were not structured properly and therefore did not deliver the degree of safety or the return that was promised; and
  • The degree of risk associated with this type of investment was misrepresented to investors, who actually faced substantial risk of loss to their initial investment, particularly as many of these structured products had extensive exposure to the subprime mortgage market.

Structured Product and Principal Protected Notes Lawyer

Our law firm is on the cutting edge of all the latest schemes that Wall Street invents. Structured Products are being pushed on investors hard the past few years because of the high commission and fees they reap. If you have been sold one or more of these Structured Products or Principal Protected Notes, and have lost money, you should contact us today.

We will discuss the circumstances with you that led to you making the purchase, and if we feel you were improperly sold one of these investments, after you retain our law firm, we will aggressively pursue your claims and seek every means available under the law to make you whole. Heiner Law Offices has the knowledge, experience and skill that is necessary to improve your likelihood of a good outcome. We will fight hard for you when you become our client.

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