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Omissions in the Sale of Securities is Fraud

Failure to disclose risks, also known as omissions, is one of the most common types of securities fraud there is. A reason omitting facts is more common for brokers than misrepresenting facts, is because it is easier on their conscience. Further, the investor remembers lies easier than not being told about risks. Under the law, omitting facts about an investment is equal to telling outright lies. Some brokers who misrepresent or omit facts are simply careless or negligent. Regardless of motives, if the broker or investment advisor omits facts that are necessary for you to make an investment decision, you have a cause to get your money back for your loss.

Even if your broker made an honest mistake in omitting material facts about the investment, it does not excuse the fact that an omission has caused you to lose money. Whether the omission was intentional or not, you are still entitled to seek the recovery of your loss.

If you have lost money on an investment because your advisor didn’t tell you the whole truth about the security, you should seek the advice of an experienced investment fraud lawyer.

Experienced Utah Securities Fraud Attorney

Heiner Law Offices has helped countless victims of securities fraud recover their losses resulting from financial advisors failing to disclose risks about investments sold to them. We have the experience to know whether your situation warrants a claim. We will give you an objective evaluation of your case and if you hire us, you can expect aggressive, ethical representation.

We will relentlessly pursue the firm or individual that caused your losses and we will not rest until we have done everything we can do to get your money back.

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