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Private Placement Securities are Very Risky

Private placements are the sale of unregistered securities to a limited number of investors and are usually only suitable for qualified investors who can afford to lose their entire investment. They are high risk. The rule is that all securities must be registered in order to be sold, unless an exemption applies. Exemptions are very limited.

There is usually no public market in which to sell the securities after an individual purchases private placement shares, or the shares are very illiquid, meaning there are few willing buyers. Often, investment advisors sell private placements to persons that cannot afford to lose their entire investment, sell shares without a valid exemption, and fail to disclose risks associated with the investment. All of these actions, including many others, are illegal or improper.

The Right Law Firm to Handle Private Placement Misconduct

Our firm has pursued many individuals and firms over the years because of their violations of the law when selling private placements to our clients. Heiner Law Offices understands the rules, regulations, and the law involving the sale of private placements. We have the knowledge and experience to successfully recover losses from the sale of private placements.

We will discuss the facts with you and look at the disclosure documents and other forms you were provided (or not provided). If we determine you are a victim of the sale of a private placement, after you hire us we will aggressively pursue all the available parties and claims on your behalf. We will work hard to make sure those that improperly sold you a private placement are held to account for their actions, which includes fighting hard to recover losses you have suffered.

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