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Preferred Stock is Supposed to be Safe

Preferred shares are higher than common stock in the structure of a corporation and provide more protection to investors in the event the issuing company goes bankrupt. Preferred shares of stock are a good investment for people who want to own stock in a company but do not want the higher risk associated with common stock.

Preferred shares offer regular dividends in a similar way that bonds offer regular coupon payments. At the same time, preferred shares are a stock so they are subject to market fluctuations and can lose value, though usually not as dramatically as common shares. Preferred shareholders also lose most of the opportunities for significant capital gains available to common shareholders.

Heiner Law Offices Aggressively Pursues Preferred Stock Cases

Most professional investors agree that owning preferred shares in a well-known company with a good balance sheet is a safe investment. However, just because a company is selling preferred shares doesn’t mean that they are the right choice for everyone. Preferred stocks are rated in a similar fashion to bonds, and it is important to have all available information about a company before you invest in it. It is your broker’s responsibility to make sure that this is the right investment for you before you put money into it.

Heiner Law Offices handles a variety of complex preferred stock cases. Many of our clients have been misled about a specific preferred stock and the safety of the investment. In some cases, the shares were sold as guaranteed when they are not. Our firm is very knowledgeable about the duties brokers have when making recommendations to a customer to purchase preferred stock. We will relentlessly pursue a firm or individual that used improper or illegal sales techniques to convince you to purchase preferred shares. We will fight hard to help you recover your losses.

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