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Negligence in Securities Sales Entitles You to Recover Losses

Negligence by a broker or investment advisor can occur because of many different situations. For example, if you instruct your broker to sell a security if it hits a certain stock price and he does not and you lose money as a result, or if a broker makes a recommendation to you that is not suitable for you, he breached his standard duty of care. There are countless ways a mistake can be made by anyone, and if the negligence causes you losses that occur in your brokerage account, you are entitled to compensation.

If you believe negligence took place in your account causing you damages, it is wise to seek the advice of a law firm that can tell you if you have a claim.

Heiner Law Offices is Knowledgeable about Investment Negligence

Our law firm understands negligence in ways related to investments and duties that brokers owe to their customers. We have represented many individuals that have suffered losses as a result of a brokerage firm’s negligent handling of their account. Many customers do not know of all the duties that financial advisors owe to their customers, If you are not certain whether negligence occurred, but you have experienced losses in your account, it is best to consult with us and let us investigate the facts.

After we talk to you and look at the evidence, if we determine negligence has occurred, we will tell you. Once you retain our firm, we will aggressively pursue each and every claim you might have, for the purpose of getting you compensation for your losses. We will leave no stone unturned as we tirelessly work for you. Heiner Law Offices is a knowledgeable, experienced, and skilled law firm pertaining to negligent handling of investments and accounts. We will aggressively pursue the parties responsible for your losses and fight to get your money back.

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