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Churning Shows A Financial Advisor’s Greed

Churning occurs when a stockbroker or financial advisor makes trades in an account more frequently than necessary, with the intent of generating commissions. Churning is an illegal practice to earn commissions for the financial advisor without considering what is in the customer’s best interests. One of the many problems with this practice is that it raises the investor’s break-even point. By paying a high amount of commissions, the stocks need to perform at a much higher level in order for the investor to break even or make money on the transactions.

If you have lost money because of churning by your broker, it is important that you have a lawyer on your side who will fight to recover your losses and work to see that the broker is held accountable.

Effective and Aggressive Legal Representation in Churning Cases

Heiner Law Offices has helped many individuals recover their losses after their account has been churned. After you contact us we will talk to you and analyze your account statements. If we determine your account has been churned, when you retain our law firm, we will aggressively pursue your rights and remedies.

We have the experience and skill to know how to prosecute churning cases because we’ve done it so many times before. We will work hard to hold the brokerage firm and financial advisor accountable for your losses.

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