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Broker Fraud Can Be Devastating

As we interview new clients one of the common phrases we hear time and time again, is “I trusted him”. Brokers and financial advisors cannot be successful at what they do if they are not expert salesmen. One of the first skills they must master is to gain your confidence and trust because if they don’t how can a reasonable investor expect to hand them a significant portion of their life savings? Winning trust and being trustworthy, unfortunately, do not always go hand in hand.

Too often the trust that the investor thought she or he had with his broker never existed. Instead when misconduct is involved the broker’s primary interest in the relationship is to benefit himself and his firm with commissions and fees and if the customer makes money that’s even better because even more fees can be earned. Eventually this attitude will result in a breakdown between the parties and losses are bound to occur because of the selfish motives of the financial advisor.

Choose the Law Firm You Can Trust

Heiner Law Offices will earn your trust because our law firm cares about our clients. We are passionately dedicated to helping investors recover their losses and we are motivated to help people have better lives, not just earn fees. Many law firms will give you an initial free consultation for ½ hour. We will spend the time it takes, at no cost, to understand the facts and situation that caused your losses, and then we’ll give you an honest objective opinion about your case.

If we determine you are a victim of investment fraud, after you hire us we will aggressively pursue your claims and hold the firm or individual that caused your losses, accountable. Our firm has the knowledge, experience, and skill to win difficult cases. We will fight hard to get your money back, we won’t back down from anyone, and we will not be satisfied until we’ve done everything we can to recover your losses.

Contact Us for a Free Consultation

Contact our office today to discuss your case. We offer a free initial consultation. You can reach us by phone at 801-366-5200 or via email. We try to take every case on a contingency basis which means we don’t collect a legal fee unless we successfully make a financial recovery for you.